We love festivals! What we don't love, however, is all the rubbish that is left on the premises. In these mountains of rubbish there is usually not only rubbish, but fully functional sleeping mats, tents and sleeping bags that some of our fellow human beings can really use, some even urgently need.

Together with helgaa, HERMINE stands for greener festivals, respect for nature and human dignity.

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Facebook + Instagram: @hermine.global
Website: https://hermine.global

HERMINE e.V. stands for help for people in need - that everyone deserves support and that everyone has at least the right to warm clothing and a roof over their head, be it in the form of a tent. Our aim is to counter the supply problems of the European refugee supply. The most important donations that we send within Europe include those that are regularly left on the campsite. Your old tent can really mean a lot to someone else, don't just leave it there, don't break it for no reason, better pass it on. You can simply hand in the equipment you do not need at the helgaa locations at the festivals. HERMINE will then take care of the distribution to those in need.