Love Your Tent

There are extremly large piles of rubbish left on the festival campsites!
Unfortunately also the number of tents and other camping stuff which are left after the festivals increases year by year. This is neither good for mother nature, nor for you guys.

Tents etc. can't be recycled. Therefore all of it goes to the rubbish dump. The disposal costs are expansive, and the festival organizer have to convert these prices on the festival tickets. So you also pay a part of each left standing tent. Right, that's a kind of totally stupid!

"Love Your Tent" is a campaign to raise exactly this awareness in you. Besides a lot of operatores and organizers, helgaa also supports this campaign. We hope, you'll camp on a few more campsites with our lovely tent "Freudenhaus" (House of Pleasure).

We put a lot of time and energy into the development and design of this tent. And if children are beget in it... so simply call them "helgaa". ;-)

More information about "Love Your Tent":