What can helgaa do?

The festival-on-site service!

helgaa offers you the possibility to buy camping articles such as pavilion, chair, sleeping bag, tent etc. directly at the festival. Anyone who wants to be safe can also order online in advance. You only need to pick up your ordered items on site. You can also get camping accessories such as tent pegs, tarpaulins, tape etc. in our shop directly at the festival. Because your tent is not so good, if you forget the pegs at home on the kitchen table.

Emergency hygiene items!

Toothbrush forgotten, towel fallen into the shower mat? No problem, helgaa is also equipped for various hygiene emergencies! There is an additional assortment with all sorts of useful things.

To your home!

You would like to order helgaa Campingequipment - but you are not on any of the festivals we visit?
No problem, then you can order the articles to your home. That is why we have our mail-order shop. Because we can not really be on any festival. In addition, our products also feel good in your garden between rose hedge and garden gnome.

Are helgaa products really good?

Sure, the best at all. We test our articles at extreme conditions on Mars... well, almost. Festivals are similar
Joking apart. We offer you good products at a really fair price. Count-less hours we are with you at the campgrounds. This is not only fun,

but also bene ts our equipment. We see in the camps what is good for festivals and what is not.

Who is helgaa?

A brief info about helgaa. We are not a group, not a marketing idea from some huge company. The idea was born in 2008 at the Hurricane Festival - after the 4th or 5th beer. We had forgotten our chairs and the pavilion at home and at the campsite we could not buy something like that.

So why shouldn‘t we have to start such a shop ourselves and offer the equipment on site? That was the start of our rst helgaa season in 2010.

All we do is therefore from festivalfreaks for festivalfreaks.